Hairless boy made hot selfies in the mirror

It is unusual for a total gay bottom boy to pose for selfies without showing off his little ass and possibly spreading his juicy hole but this adorable skinny boy had a totally different plan with his selfie pics. He wants to show two simple things. First, that he is crazy horny right this moment. Second, that he is smooth all over, without chest hair or pubic hair, not even a trace of them.

Smooth gay boy shows off his naked body in the mirror

He is skinny and smooth all over his body

He is standing in front of a mirror and showing off his nice juicy cock but what he really wants is to wank it off while someone gets behind him and fucks him on that very same king size bed. He is very pretty and petite, so licking and sucking his cock and eating his asshole would be a treat unlike anything you ever had. He badly needs to get his ass filled up by a hard cock while his own dick bounces around in circles.

Skinny gay boy is horny while he makes naked selfies in the mirror

His hard cock would cum without touching if you fuck him good

He is so slim that you could literally hold him in your hands while you stand and fuck him and he would make even more selfies while getting fucked in such a manly way. I imagine he would easily cum without even touching himself. He is ready for hardcore gay sex, and he needs a proper hard young penis to fuck him real good, you can be sure of that.

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