Muscular stud needs someone to lick cum off his abs

His body is a muscular temple, and regardless if gay or even so called straight, everyone wants a piece of him. Some are just not openly admitting it. His defined muscles, hard abs, everything is perfect on him, as well as that tasty looking trail of cum that he launched all over himself while wanking off. He is in desperate need of a tongue cleaning service and if this was an ad, he would’ve been overrun with volunteers to lick the cum off.

Muscular boy ejaculated and cum is all over his abs

His cock doesn’t go limp after he ejaculates

You’re also going to notice that even though he just ejaculated, his penis didn’t lose even one bit of its firmness and erection. That means this strong boy is ready for a round two of blowjob, wanking and even fucking. There is something specially inviting about sitting on top of him while he is dirty with cum and using the cum instead of lube for another round of hot steamy gay sex, wouldn’t you say?

Closeup of cum all over boy's hard abs after he climaxed

Come here for a tongue cleaning service

I think we can all conclude that he is a total tease when he makes these dirty selfies where he shows off all the might of his strong body and the hardness of his cock. He is a treat, and he knows it, and now we want him, secretly and publicly.

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