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He looks so comfortable and relaxed while he relaxes in the garden of this vacation house, and needless to say, his hard penis steals the show from everything else on his picture. He proudly shows off his hairy legs and an impressive rock hard penis, in full thickness, with a shiny cock head that looks delicious and mouthwatering.

Hairy boy relaxes and shows off his perfect hard penis in the garden

This amazing penis deserves a good ride

He can be proud to own such an incredible penis that makes all the gay boys wild with desire, and he knows that by photographing it in such way is the biggest tease ever. I could bet that whoever happens to walk by would want a piece of that magnificent erection. and that is exactly what got me thinking about the sexiest scenario possible.

Sexiest scenario you can imagine with that hard cock

Some would envy him on getting to chill at some comfy location, but deep down inside, we all know what would be the best scenario. Joining him there would be awesome, right at the same moment when he snapped this arousing penis selfie. His uncut cock looks just perfect when its rock hard and it would be unbeliavable to simply straddle him and guide that amazing dick inside, where it belongs. He would surely welcome a sensual ride while he enjoys his moments out in the sun and his hard cock sure looks like it would hit the right spots inside any ass it gets into. Seriously, his cock head and thick shaft could drive any gay man wild with lust while riding him.

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